Track Trainer LB1 Basic

patent pending

Our all new track trainer was designed for the main purpose of helping everyone from the top professional to the once a month track day rider.  Training on a road bike, going to the gym and doing squats, ect only work your leg muscles in a singular range of motion.  Our track trainer trains your legs, hips, calfs in the exact way you will use them riding on the track.

Using our track trainer and embedding muscle memory from repetition.  High repetition will help build endurance and strength. Concentrating on using your lower body to move from side to side on your bike will make the bike more stable.  Loading your legs will also help you move around the bike quicker and smoother.

Trainer only comes with one set of lean tension bands.

Attention Schools.
Schools can also benefit from our track trainer. Teaching body position, trail braking, how to smoothly move from side to side, how to use your feet, legs and ankles while leaned over. All very difficult to teach from a static position sitting on a motorcycle on a stand.

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Newly added Rental Program – $200/month – Try before you buy. Contact us via e-mail or Contact form for more details.